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The Ring of Fire

An Epicurean Adventure




There is a subculture of people addicted to absurdly spicy foods called chile heads, and Max Little is one of them. Together they comprise the Ring of Fire, a global network of heat junkies. As the Indiana Jones of chile peppers, Max and his fellow pepper freaks are captivated by the rumor of a newly discovered variety hidden along the ancient Silk Road in the Tien Shan mountains of Central Asia. Telling the story of chile peppers and their amazing spread across the globe, The Ring of Fire is a culinary odyssey, as Max embarks on a delicious journey of discovery. It’s an epicurean adventure spanning continents, populated by a cast of truly unique characters and wonderfully spicy food.


"A spice-laden tale that will have you on the edge of your armchair traveler’s seat…."


“An epicurean tour de ‘farce’ across India, China, Kyrgyzstan, and the USA….”


"You can almost taste the piquant meals and feel the savory, exotic locations…."


"Defines an entirely new and deliciously enticing genre:

the 'epicurean adventure'…."

"A deep and thoroughly entertaining dive into a colorful world of chile peppers you certainly didn't know existed. Mr. Craft seamlessly weaves together history, botany, geography, food, and fiction in a vivid and delicious tale of discovery. I'm ready to get on a plane."

- Executive Chef and Owner Jordan Mackey, Sobre Mesa Mexican Kitchen & Bar,  Sudbury Massachusetts 

"From the first page, the author’s narrative style drew me in. It was fascinating to learn about the history and origins of chiles, while enjoying an engrossing and vivid international story. The characters felt real and had depth, and thanks to the author’s unique style of writing, I was able to visualize them and their totally unique experiences along the way. A really good read, and one I recommend!"

- Lesley Jones, London

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